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She knew what was in his mind and, when in late he left for Italy without her, she was in a miserable state, often in floods of tears and suspecting that her attacks of indigestion were caused by attempts to poison her by members of his family who wanted to be rid of her. In April , when Napoleon went to Bavaria to fight the Austrians, Josephine hurled herself weeping into the carriage so that he was forced to take her with him. Matters came to a head at the end of November at the Tuileries in Paris when Napoleon at last told Josephine that he was going to divorce her.

Her shrieks could be heard all over the palace; she collapsed on the floor and Napoleon and another man had to carry her to her apartments.

Whose Business is to Die

The first official step was taken in the throne room of the Tuileries on December 14th. Napoleon spoke first, saying that he had found the courage to end his marriage in the conviction that it would serve the best interests of France, but he had nothing but gratitude for the devotion and tenderness of his beloved wife. With her hands shaking, Josephine started to read a prepared statement in which she was to say that she was proud to offer her husband the greatest possible proof of devotion by consenting to the divorce.

She could not go on and an attendant finished the speech for her. She and Napoleon both signed the record of the proceedings and Napoleon kissed her.

Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Austerlitz 1805 DOCUMENTARY

The civil marriage was formally annulled and Josephine left for her chateau at Malmaison in pouring rain with a long procession of her ladies and household officials, her pet parrot, her dogs and gigantic quantities of luggage. He treated Josephine considerately and made sure that she had plenty of money and was given proper precedence as Empress Dowager.

She lived at Malmaison outside Paris until her death there at the age of 50 in Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Napoleon divorces Josephine.

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He took good care of his troops, and was genuinely concerned for their welfare. He had a good, common sense soldier's approach to medical care. He generously rewarded his best surgeons, Larrey and Percy among them. The Grande Armee was his home, and he loved his soldiers, but he used them as he saw fit. He also put himself in the line of fire, which is one of the reasons his soldiers followed him unhesitatingly into the fire.

Napoleon also had a sense of humor. Supposedly Savary asked him once if he wanted to be God. Napoleon thought it over and replied, 'No, it's a dead-end job. Napoleon reined in, leaned over and asked why the trooper was so clumsy. Later, as luck would have it, Napoleon's horse stumbled, and he was thrown from his saddle. The justified trooper reined in, leaned over, and asked why Napoleon was so clumsy. Napoleon remounted, and they continued on, the escort undoubtedly feeling much satisfied by the justice of the situation. Model yourself upon them. This is the only means of becoming a great captain, and of acquiring the secret of the art of war.

Your own genius will be enlightened and improved by this study, and you will learn to reject all maxims foreign to the principles of the great commanders. There are no hard and fast rules; everything depends on the plans of the general, the condition of the troops, the season of the year, and a thousand other circumstances, which have the effect that no one case will ever resemble another'.

You make war like a satrap. Good God, is it from me that you have learned that? From me who, with an army of , men, am at the head of my skirmishers? I give myself only half the credit for the battles I have won, and a general gets enough credit when he is named at all, for the fact is that a battle is won by the army.

Suddenly a dog, which had been hiding under the clothes of a dead man, came up to us with a mournful howl, and then disappeared again immediately into his hiding place. He would lick his master's face, then run up to us again, only to return once more to his master. Whether it was the mood of the moment, whether it was the place, the time, the weather, or the action itself, or whatever it was, it is certainly true that nothing on any battlefield ever made such an impression on me. I involuntarily remained still, to observe the spectacle. This dead man, I said to myself, has perhaps friends, and he is lying there abandoned by all but his dog!

What a lesson nature teaches us by means of an animal. Men who have a great deal of intellect and little character are the least suited; they are like a ship whose masts are out of proportion to the ballast; it is preferable to have much character and little intellect. Those men whose intellect is mediocre and whose character is in proportion are likely to succeed in their profession. The base must equal the height. During the journey I used to study the plans of the situation and the reports sent in, sketch out my plans for battle from them, and arrange the necessary moves.

Berthier would watch me at work, and at the first stopping-place or rest, whether it was day or night, he made out the orders and arrangements with a method and an exactness that was truly admirable. For this work he was always ready and untiring. That was Berthier's special merit. It was very great and valuable, and no one else could have replaced Berthier. If severe, he irritates and increases the number of his enemies. If lenient, he gives birth to expectations which only render the abuses and vexations inseparable from the war the more intolerable.

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A victorious general must know how to employ severity, justice, and mildness by turns, if he would allay sedition, or prevent it. This is the only way to make it shorter, and consequently less inhuman. And, in these two respects, the French soldier is more difficult to lead than any other. He is not a machine to be put in motion but a reasonable being that must be directed.

Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic War)

The Swiss in French, Spanish, and Italian service were not enthusiastic in their causes. The troops of Frederick the Great, mostly foreigners, were not enthusiastic in his cause. A good general, good training, and good discipline make good troops independently of the cause in which they fight.

It is true, however, that fanaticism, love of fatherland, and national glory can inspire fresh troops to good advantage. I would instill a degree of emulation into their minds. Bingham says, however, that most of your soldiers are brutes and must be driven by the stick. But surely the English soldiers must be possessed of sentiments sufficient to put them at least upon a level with the soldiers of other countries, where the degrading system of the lash is not used.

Whatever debases man cannot be serviceable. You must speak to the soul inorder to electrify him. On the contrary, they must be guided without noticing it. Nothing more powerful could be found to stir the minds than a recital of the details.

Adrian Goldsworthy

What we need at this moment is real and serious things, not wit in prose and verse. With ink and paper you can draw any pictures you like. Only by telling the facts simply and with detail can we convince them. Whoever obeys him is a criminal. Sacrifice your baggage, everything for them.

Mass Graves Found in Jaffa Date to Invasion by Napoleon - Archaeology -

Words of wisdom from Napoleon on a variety of subjects. Napoleon wrote and dictated literally volumes of correspondence, sometimes dictating to multiple clerks at the same time. It was said that only Berthier could decipher his handwriting.

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You can ask me for anything you like, except time. I take greater pleasure in this than a young lady would get from reading a novel. If there are opportunities, expose yourself conspicuously.

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As for real danger, it is everywhere in war. The more obstinate the resistance of an army, the greater the chances of success. How many seemingly impossibilities have been accomplished by men whose only resolve was death! If military art consisted of always taking a safe position, then glory would become the property of mediocre people. The simplest moves are the best. Courage is only the second; hardship, poverty, and want are the best school of the soldier.

To withdraw from danger, and thereby to involve their comrades in greater perils, is the height of cowardice. Such conduct should be proscribed, declared infamous, and made punishable with death. All generals, officers, and soldiers, who capitulate in battle to save their own lives, should be decimated. He who gives the order, and those who obey are alike traitors, and deserve capital punishment. It is against the revolution.

They have never seen in me anything but the representative, the man of the Revolution.

Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3) Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)
Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic Wars Book 3)

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