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When you are ready to blend, use a light touch so you do not rough up the paper.


And, try to make the tones as smooth as possible. This is the finished drawing. Remember, this is sketching from life in a sketchbook, and not designed to be a framed piece. This bobcat is a lot looser than the illustrations I do for my books. I added some background tones to make the Bobcat stand out. By doing this, you can see how the reflected light shows up along the edges. The darkness also gives the essence of depth behind the cat. This is also the stage to add details.

Note the spots where I added to the fur. Each area is different and follows the contours of the cat.

Studying the patterns and not placing them in too harsh is key at this step. If I drew the spots at the same value dark and with the same shape, they would look like polka dots. If any areas of your subject become too dark or a little too unwieldy, use a kneaded eraser to gently lift out some highlights. Drawing from life is fun.

5 Simple Sub Plans to Make Your Life Easier

The key is practice; so remember: The more you do, the better you will get. It takes time to build a skill. Be patient with yourself. Just grab your sketchbook, and get started.

Three simple steps to understand art: look, see, think

Try to have a small one handy at all times. You never know when a cool subject will appear right before your eyes! Lee Hammond. From bold to abstract to geometric patterns — explore all the results you can get when batik painting with Artists love art supplies!

Illustrator and author Cleo Papanikolas shares the 10 supplies from the art store that she Learn how to draw and sketch animals with a step-by-step guide, plus easy tips and tricks from Artists Network. I have the sub read this paragraph to the students: Congratulations students!

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NMS Painting Restoration has contacted me, as you have been selected to refurbish several different famous paintings. They know that you are highly creative and that you possess a lot of skills when it comes to restoring old paintings. They would like for you to update their paintings. You can add to the images or you can leave out information. However, you will need to draw the image and color it. Next week the owner, Mrs.

Carlisle, will judge your work. The most creative artist who ALSO demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship will win the commission. You can adjust the contrast on your copy machine so that only a faint image shows up. Students work throughout the class period and usually take them home to finish them. I love the creative ways students change their images. I love that they see and learn about different famous portraits. This project is a fun one that could focus on the work of lots of different current artists.

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Regardless of who the artist is, have the students create a simple drawing reflecting the work of the artist. Make sure that you require them to do more than just copy the work of the artist. Make them think of new and cool ways to do similar things.

14 Crafting Life Hacks

I like giving everyone the same image as a starting point. I was perusing Pinterest for ideas and when I saw the image, I knew that it would make a great sub plan. I draw out a bunch of different letters on the board and then leave the rest up to the students.

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They are told to draw the same letter or number in each box but make each one look different. This challenges their creative thinking skills and asks them to stretch beyond the two or three ideas generally required for brainstorming. This simple lesson is a great introduction or review of color theory.

You could also tie this lesson to value scales by encouraging students to vary their pressure when coloring to create different values.

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Your students will be actively engaged and learning a little bit more about art. What is one thing you always do when you have a sub?

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Jen is a middle school art teacher from Norfolk, NE who loves exploring and teaching art through traditional and digital art mediums. When you take an AOEU course, you can implement what you learn right into your art room. Instant Download You must be logged-in in order to download this resource.

Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life

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