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If you have something good to offer society which nearly all of us do then the moral wrong you are doing to society can be measured by sum of your goodness to society per year over the extra number of years that you will live by quitting smoking. From a moral point of view, the optimum benefit can be obtained by everyone never smoking in the first place. But for whatever reason, people do start smoking and will continue to smoke until they are presented with a compelling reason to stop.

A quitter's diary: Here's what my fourth week of quitting smoking is like

As smokers we cannot change our past history of smoking as that would entail some kind of time travel , only our future history of smoking. As an aside, smoking is also extremely expensive and for me this was the most compelling reason to stop. Making cigarettes expensive has the benefit that people cannot afford to smoke to many of them.

The government makes vast profits from the sales of cigarettes cigarettes only cost one fifth of their purchase price to manufacture, with the rest going to the government. It would me morally the best thing to do to use these profits to pay for the extra medical care that smokers will need, as well as subsidising the cost of the pharmaceuticals used to help people to quit. This does not happen the money actually goes into some kind of slush-fund for general expenditure and this means that the government has a vested interest in keeping people smoking, the opposite of its moral imperative to stop people from smoking!

Let us suppose that you will live for an extra ten years if you stop smoking. Wouldn't you like to have such an extension to your lifespan? Here is why I would:.

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I would like to see my nephew Sean Tonner pictured above right grow up to become an adult. I would like to live to see the day that countries have been replaced with some form of world government like the famous John Lennon song Imagine goes , which already exists in rudimentary form as the United Nations so that war becomes obsolete.

I would like to see the day that poverty becomes history, thanks to a redistribution of wealth caused by the Internet which allows people to work from any location on Planet Earth and the actions of people like Bono from U2 in his Make Poverty History campaign: www. I would also like that see the incredibly sophisticated technology that will come about during that ten years, including possibly the day that artificially intelligent computers surpass people and the day that human life expectancy increases vastly beyond the current level.

For me reaching 72 hours three days without smoking represented a milestone.

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As shown in the diagram on the left, after this point in time cravings for nicotine only decreased, and the positive effects like improved personal odour, and improved senses of smell and taste become apparent. I know that if I ever have another cigarette it will send me down the road that leads back to a full-time smoking habit, and I have no plans to go down that road, thereby losing all of the progress that I have gained.

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It seems likely that within the not-to-distant future that smoking policy in organisations like the University of Canterbury will result in smokers only being allowed to smoke outside of the campus. Such extreme restrictions like this will hopefully help to encourage people to give up this vile vice.

Quitting Smoking Diary Day

If this article helps just one person to stop smoking University student or otherwise , then it will have served its purpose. It seems like a reasonable argument to prefer natural highs to artificial ones. For example, instead of smoking, enjoy the natural high that comes from physical exercise or the natural high that comes from doing a good job at something and getting recognition for doing this.

My first serious attempt to quit was foiled by my habit to borrow single cigarettes from my next-door neighbour which soon led back to a ten a day habit. It was only through my second attempt at using patches that was successful. My second serious attempt to quit was foiled by my habit of borrowing cigarettes off of my neighbours at the complex where I live. My reason for taking up smoking again was because of the stress of studying for MATH Computability which is the hardest course that I have ever done.

My third attempt at using patches has been up to now successful. In I started smoking again three cigarettes a day and soon built up to a 12 cigarettes a day habit.

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My bank balance is happy since I have given up smoking for good! Main Menu. Research Projects. Photo Album. The alternative is better. The HSE Quit Team were there for me, to offer advice about quitting and tips about high risk situations like going out with my mates. The constant praise from people about quitting has faded into the background at this stage, mainly because people rarely believe you haven't smoked yet.

We'll try and surprise them Here at QUIT, we have found that getting the right help and support will double your chances of success. Divisive topics, even more divisive voices This week: Jack Whitehall: How he made peace with being posh. Listen on Watch on Listen on. Subscribe for free. It won't be podcast, it won't be broadcast Hit play for The Football Spin. Think about it as Twitter, but live Don't miss out on this one A quitter's diary: Here's what my fourth week of quitting smoking is like.

Brought to you by the HSE. How did your week go? Any moments of temptation?

Monday 29th October

Yeah, me too. Well, that's just my humble dream. Whats yours? Graham Norton? Wow, you shoot for the stars.

The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary
The Smoking Diary

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